vrijdag 28 september 2012

28. Design and coffee in a spinning top!

Kitsch, you say?

A room full with little televisions showing interviews with Chinese students in Milan.
The things they are most impressed with here in Italy? Pasta and pizza...

The design cafe. The conventional part.

The design cafe. The adventurous part.

My adventurous husband and two Caesar salads in a spinning top.
Next time we try the pasta.

Okay, people, here I am again! A little bit later then expected, but well... So how am I now going to continue my discovery tour of Milan? I’d say by flashing myself back a couple of months ago! As some of you might remember at that time Sanne Kooijmans wrote a guest article on this blog about three of the coolest design hotels of Milan. Reading her article, I thought: “this information could use even some more design”. Because a person who loves design and decides to come all the way to Milan for it, wants to see a little bit more than just the inside of his hotel, as design as it may be.
So I took my guide book and walked up to the Triennale, also known as THE design museum of Milan. And what did I discover there except for an extremely kitschy exhibition (which was okay since the topic was precisely “kitsch”), a huge China hall full with interviews of Chinese students living in Milan and half a building filled with typographical highlights (apparently since decades Italy has been world famous for its top publicity people)? One of the cutest and greenest terraces of the city!
That’s true! The Triennale doesn’t only have a nice, classy, zen-inspired design restaurant but also a very great design cafe where you can drop by for a coffee or a (not so tasty) Caesar salad (to be consumed in a huge spinning top if you like)! Those of you who love to enjoy the Milanese sun in a peaceful and green environment, can be happy! Nathalie found the spot! You don’t even have to visit the museum. Just walk to the back of the entrance hall, go down the stares, install yourself in one of the spinning tops and order some coffee (no Caesar salad)!

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