dinsdag 3 juli 2012

27. Milano’s very own Zurenborg...

Detail from the marvellous Casa Galimberti in Via Malpighi.

Long, long ago, when I was still living in the exotic Antwerp, there was nothing I would like to do more than having a long walk in a neighbourhood in Berchem called Zurenborg which is completely filled with the most beautifull Art Nouveau buildings. Their delicate, elegant curves and fairylike decorations made me dream away every time to some strange, unknow world far away from everything I knew. Milan, on the contrary, has the architectural reputation of being a grey and dull city. Completely wrongly as I just discovered! Just like in Antwerp where nobody would every spontaneously find the marvellous Zurenborg without the help of a guide book or local specialist, in Milan as well, you just need to know where to look. Luckily I had my guide book helping me discovering some secret little jewels of streets just behind the corner of the Porta Venezia. For hours I thoroughly enjoyed admiring their hidden treasures and felt like I was back in my old, sweet Zurenborg. Do you want to see some of the treasures I found? Just have a look at these pictures!

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