woensdag 20 juni 2012

26. Spinning on bulls balls!

If there is one thing I’ve learned this year (except from all the things I discovered about Milan of course), it is that organizing an Italian wedding is EXTREMELY stressful! The To-Do list is endless (compared to this one my 101-Milano-task-list looks like a joke) and every day new things pop up which we had never thought of before. Alex and I pass our days running, organizing and discussing and between ordering the “bomboniere”, checking the booklet for the Mass, stalking guests which still haven’t confirmed and hanging on the phone with hairdressers and caterers, we even find some time to be worried about the weather! Because even if the 14th of July is traditionally supposed to be a beautiful summer day with beautiful summer weather, after having watched liters and liters of water falling out of the sky in the last couple of weeks, we just aren’t so confident anymore.What we need is an extra portion of luck! And where could we better go to find it than in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele? In the center of this Galleria, the architect Mengoni had a mosaic built of a bull with some very clearly exposed vital parts! Apparently he did this to make fun of the Milanese which he considered to be very cold and stiff people. But the Milanese weren’t that easy to offend and reacted to his provocation by putting their heels in the poor animal’s testicals every time they passed it. Some even started spinning upon them and spread the word that this would bring good luck to the spinner! And this is why even today, you can see rows and rows of people waiting in front of the bull to spin upon his balls! Today we were there to spin with them (sunny weather on the 14th of July, here we come!) and to film the energetic spinners who came after us! Enjoy!

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