woensdag 30 mei 2012

22. Falling in love with the inhabitants of the first floor of the Fornace...

Every artist at the first floor of the Fornace has his or her very own style.
It's really incredible how many completely different styles we discoverd...

We almost had walked out of the Fornace when I happened to see the title of the next little paragraph in my guide book: “To fall hopelessly in love with the inhabitants of the first floor of the Fornace”. Aha! So this Fornace still had another hidden treasure! And this treasure appeared to be a floor full with tiny, little studios where all kinds of artists lived together as one big bohemian family. Okay, “living together” is maybe a little bit exaggerated, because not all of them actually lived in their studio, but the cosy and warm atmosphere of the upper floors of the Fornace was still quite undescribable. Just like its colourful inhabitants! Come and have a look!
Another studio with a completely different style...

We even found an African artist living in the Fornace!

Need a hand?
This guy can make you one!

But it's not all about ceramics in the Fornace!
We discovered that you can also take tango classes here!

Or go to a fortune teller!

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