vrijdag 25 mei 2012

21. Cupcake-upgrades thanks to the Fornace Curti!

Hélène and Alessandro ready to discover the entire
Fornace Curti!
Yesterday we made a safe from-shop-to-culture-transition so today we can dedicate ourselves without worries to a 100% non-shopping activity! Of course, I want to find something which Hélène will like and thinking of her unlimited creativity (she doesn’t only make the most beautiful cupcakes but also spectacular paintings and 10 years ago even very original clothes!), my eye falls on an interesting title in my Milano guide book: “go and order yourself a personalized garden-gnome at the Fornace Curti!”. That sounds creative AND original so 5 minutes later, Hélène, Alessandro and myself are sitting on a tram in direction to the Navigli. After a walk in a somewhat bleak neighbourhood (but maybe it was just the pouring rain which made it look that way) we arrive at the entrance of the Fornace Curti, Milan’s most famous clay oven. This center of ceramics art isn’t just some center of ceramics art. The Fornace exists already since the 15th Century and is responsable for the magnificent clay decorations on some of Milan’s oldest and most famous buildings like Ca’Grande (one of the cities 4 universities) and Ospedale Maggiore! But the nicest thing is that these famous ceramics artists also try to stimulate the people who come and visit them to start turning clay into art themselves! The Fornace indeed isn’t only a place where you can buy finished products (like big statues of Saint Anthony for only 500 euro or argile flowerpots to decorate your garden) but also big packs of clay and hundreds of little tools to transform this clay into something fantastic. It’s even possible to subscribe to some ceramics classes in the Fornace itself in order to make sure that in 500 years from now, something made by your hands can still be found in Milan. Hélène tries a couple of the numerous wooden tools and starts fabricating in thought the most marvellous little sculptures. Then suddenly a wrinkle appears on her forehead (she wonders how on earth she is ever going to transport kilos of clay from the Fornace to Heidelberg) but shortly after her face turns into a sunray again! She has found the solution! She buys a couple of little spatula and announces that she will use them to sculpture at home not with clay or argile but with... homemade cupcakedough! Do I have the most creative friend in the world or what?
A cute entrance of a mythical place!

The oven of the Fornace!
Big enough to bake at least 5000 cupcake sculptures at once!

I was still looking for a bigger pot for my tomatoplant.
Maybe I could take one of these?

Hundreds of tools to make the most beautiful creations!
In argile or cupcake dough...

Still looking for a Saint Anthony?
Only 500 euro!

Colourful legs on a grey day!

An army of Michelin guys!

Oh yes, I almost forgot! The Fornace even offered us a little extra! A couple of minutes before leaving again, we saw one of the ceramics artists closing up and stepping right into a shower. Which wouldn’t have been that special if the guy wouldn’t have started to give the most beautiful concert! Please enjoy...

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  1. What is the name of that tune? It's kind of catchy. Also, how much of the performance did you...see?