donderdag 24 mei 2012

20. Anyone fancying some spanking with the Couture Whip?

Looking for a nice present for your little grandson's birthday or for your secretary on secretary day?
What about this nice Couture Whip? Only 250 euro and oooooooh sooooooooo fashionable!!!!
Okay. On day 1 we have been shopping. On day 2 we have been shopping. Now, on day 3 we really aren’t going to shop! But then again... Switching abruptly from intens shopping to a completely different type of activity (like visiting a museum for instance) might a bit dangerous... I mean, after a long and intense sport activity you wouldn’t go straight lying down on your sofa without having some stretching exercises either, would you? So I guess we need to find a safe way to make the switch. We need a good, intermediate solution. A place where it’s still possible to shop a little bit but where you can also do something else. So where could you better go in this specific situation than to 10 Corso Como! This place is just everything what any kind of person in this world could wish for. You are looking for a nice and green oasis of peace to have a delicious, foamy cappuccino and a long chat with a friend you haven’t seen in months (except for two shopping days)? That’s possible! Or do you prefer visiting a thought provoking and inspiring exhibition of the best World Press Photos of 2012? That’s possible too (untill June the 3rd at least, because then there will be a new exhibition at 10 Corso Como)! Or do you feel more like spending an hour listening to jazz music while you wander around in one of the most beautiful design bookshops of Milan? Even then, you’re still at the right place. 10 Corso Como has even been so considering to create a little corner with shoes to protect their shoe-shop-loving customers from rehab issues (Hélène discovered that they are selling one of the most expensive shoe brands in the world: Louboutin). But visitors get also spoiled with other nice offers. Let’s say you would be looking for a stylish whip to castigate yourself or somebody else for instance. 10 Corso Como has the object of your dreams! We also found some erotic substance for only 280 euro a bottle (little bottle that is) but we didn’t quite understand how and where this magic gel or creme should be applied and how it is supposed to work. For 280 euro we would expect something rather spectacular! Shy Flemish girls like me and Hélène of course don’t dare to ask whether they can try some, so the mysterie remains unsolved. I was thinking of organizing a contest with one of those little bottles as the main prize for the one of you who is able to give us the most original or exact explanation, but unfortunately my last penny went to 10 cappuccini and a plate of 10 Corso Como cookies, for which I’m now officially broke! Anyone willing to give the guessing a shot for free... be my guest!

10 Corso Como. From the outside nothing special. But once you're in...
If you go straight on and take the stair, you will end up at the exhibition. But
we need some intermediate shopping first! So we go to the right!
Shoes with a red sole. The sign that we are talking about real Louboutins, one of the
most expensive brands of shoes you can find! Thanks to Hélène, I will end up actually knowing
something about shoes! Vielen Dank, Frau De Vliegher!
But life is not all about shoes! It's also about iron dresses of course!
Like this one! Hélène is wondering how many iron dresses she has already
and if one more would fit into her closet.
Enough intermediate shopping! I want 10 cappuccini! And cookies!
One of the nicest things at 10 Corso Como is the fact that they organize a special welcome
committee for each customer (like me) who is entering their designbookshop for the first time.
How thoughtful!
Now is this a nice bookshop or what? They even have
an nice exhibition going on (look at the walls!).

After the intermediate shopping, it's time for the more serious work.
Visiting the shocking but very interesting World Press Photo 2012 exhibition.
When you see these pictures, you realize again in what kind of world it is we are actually living.
And that, unfortunately, it's not that common at all to have the chance
of spending your time writing Milano blogs and taking pictures of
10 Corso Como at night.

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