woensdag 23 mei 2012

19. Shoes so gorgeous that you would want to put your teeth in them at Milan’s own Harrods!

Hélène and I had not yet fully recovered from the spectacular but fruitless shopping experience in the Quadrilatero della Moda when my Milano guide sent us already to a new shopping walhalla! La Rinascente... This mythical shoppingcenter (a bit like the Milanese version of Harrods) was supposed to be worth a visit. Lying next to the Duomo, la Rinascente was waiting for us with the doors of the ground floor wide open and 6 more other floors to discover! Clothes, bags, perfum, juwelery, interior stuff and things you didn’t even know they existed were welcoming us in every little corner we discovered. But the most wonderful experience was waiting for me only at the topfloor! Here gastronomes can find the treat of their life! A whole floor of the most delicious food, beverages and... shoes!!! And so it comes that for once I was feeling the same extasy my friend experiences in front of a pair of shoes. Gorgeous brown ones with cute pink little bows. Or delicate white little mules decorated with fine brown ribbons. I stood admiring these Milanese beauties and felt like wanting to devour them! Of course, we had to celebrate this freshly acquired shoe-enthousiasm and how could we do so better than with a delicious glass of spritz and a beautiful view on the roof of the Duomo? Hélène and I toasted on a succesful Milano adventure, looked down on the Piazza del Duomo and saw that it was good...

Exclusive tea, coffee, olive oil, cookies, spices...
You can find it all at the rooftop of the Rinascente!

So gorgeous that they diserve an extra picture!

For people who are on a diet, La Rinascente is also offering some delicious fruit...

Hélène, happy as a child, after discovering a whole bunch of macarons!

I think we can say that this was a succesful Milano-activity!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Nathalie. I think you must dump Helene and I can come to these places with you ;)

  2. I think it's safer to keep Hélène with us and ask even more people to join us! Otherwise we will surely die soon of some very mean liverdisease! I read somewhere that eating more than 500 chocolate shoes a day could create serious healthproblems!

  3. I'm guessing that the chocolate shoe research wasn't a double-blind controlled clinical trial. I'd be willing to be the clinical investigator if you'd like to try and replicate the experiment. Where and when would you like to begin?

  4. Since we are talking about SERIOUS food investigations, I think we should organize ourselves to redo the experiment at least 50 times, Doug. Otherwise it will probably not be accepted as scientific research. When can you come and fly over so that we can start! The sooner the better, I'd say!