maandag 21 mei 2012

17. Having a coffee with Armani...

The 2 new Flemish models of Pucci...
After the official Boring-Blogpost-Week, it’s time now for something way more dynamic! My friend Hélène jumped into her car in Heidelberg a couple of days ago and 8 hours later she was ringing at my doorbell to go and discover Milan together. Since Hélène is a very faithful reader of my Milano blog (aren’t you, Hélène?), she arrived with the greatest expectations which of course couldn’t be failed. So get ready for a very energetic blogweek, people! We start our Milano discovery tour at the beating fashion heart of Milan, also known as the Quadrilatero della Moda (the Fashion Quadrangle). This quadrangle is made of 4 streats (Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Sant’Andrea en Via Manzoni) and collects the most fancy shops in the world. Personally I’m more a gastronome than a shopper but that’s no problem because the quadrangle of fashion includes at least two bars which are worth a visit. There’s the Armani Caffè for instance where you don’t only get a cookie and a little chocolate with your coffee (doesn’t sound special to Belgians but I can tell you that it’s almost unique in Italy) but where it’s also possible to eat a delicious pasta or salad without having the feeling that people want you to leave from the moment you have swallowed your last bite. And then there is Cova, the oldest bar in Milan! Hélène and I tried everything (pasta, coffee, cookies, chocolates) and turned back home happily even though we didn’t buy anything (the Quadrilatero is known for its famous shops, not for its accessible prices)! But whether you’re a shop addict or not, this little Milanese square is not likely to bore you. Even examinating the excentric shoppers who DO get out of the Gucci and Dior shop with their arms full of bags, is more than amusing...

Reading my 101 Milano guide at Armani's to find out
which little corners of the quadrangle can't be missed!

Armani doesn't only have pasta, coffee and cookies but also
a very cool design bookshop with a Dutch (or Belch) book in the window.
Title "De magie van de vrouw" : The Magic of Women... Interesting!

The first of the 500 000 pairs of shoes which Hélène happened to find gorgeous here in Milan!
Me, Yves and Hélène.

Applying for a job at Valentino's.

Cova-coffee time! Can you imagine that we weren't allowed to take pictures (again!!!).
Luckily neither me nor Hélène spoke Italian or English that day. And since the Cova-men really need
to work on their Dutch/Belch, we managed to take some pictures anyways.

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  1. I look forward to hearing all about your fun in Milan this week. Seeing your pictures makes me want to be back in Italy

  2. Another good reason to write this blog! Trying to persuade friends to come back to Italy! xxxxx

  3. I'm glad to see that you are getting into the spirit of including more for us who don't speak Belch into your blogs. June and I had aperitivo at Armani. I recollect it as being as nice as you report.