donderdag 17 mei 2012

16. Thank God nothing happened in the Parco delle Basiliche!!!

The Tree. 9th of April.

The Tree. Again! 24th of April.

If the writer of my Milano guide book sometimes describes the most beautiful bookshops just to tell me a couple of seconds later that unfortunately they don’t exist anymore, she also sometimes creates little chapters in her 101 Milanese adventure book which are completely useless. Since I have written earlier this week a very boring blogpost, I thought that it might be the best just to continue with the boring stuff so that we can leave it all behind us to head for the more interesting things. So let me describe you my next Milanese adventure even if there is very little to describe!
What was it than that Miss Beltramini thought I really had to do at leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast 1 time in my life here in Milan? Answer: visiting the Parco delle Basiliche. This is a park which connects the Church of Sant’Eustorgio (where I got rid of my migraine) and the Basilica of San Lorenzo and is supposed to be really worth a visit. On the 9th of April, Alex and I went already to have a look but couldn’t discover anything special (except for one really beautiful tree). On the 26th of April, I went back to the Park on my own (I was around anyways because I was visiting Piazza Vetra) but still I didn’t discover the slightiest thing of interest (except for the same beautiful tree). I was planning on visiting the Parco a third time hoping that something spectacular would happen which I could tell you afterwards, but since I have officially declared this week to be the week of the boring blogposts, that would actually be a big risk!

I mean... imagine me going back and discovering something worldshocking in that piddling, little park... than I would have lost one of my key boring blogposts! And one cannot organize an official week of the boring blogposts with only one little boring blogpost to post! You just can’t do that! It’s against all boring-blogpost-week-ethics! So I won’t go back to the Parco delle Basiliche and I tell you right away – before it is too late – that  there is no place to get bored like the Parco delle Basiliche in Milan. Luckily...

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  1. I'm sorry...I lost track of what you were talking about in this blog post. My mind just sort of wandered. I think it may have been because the blog was just so...well, boring. But...mijn naam is haas.