dinsdag 15 mei 2012

15. Angry with the guide book author, the owners of the tower of Babel and Dan Franck!

This lady once saw Truffaut entering her little bookshop dedicated to theater and cinema (La Libreria dello Spettacolo).
And that was way before the aperitivo hour so the spritz had nothing to do with it!

Not even in the giant Hoepli bookstore (which I have added myself to make up for all the
non-existing bookshops of my misleading guide book writer), they had heard of Dan Franck!
I start wondering if the guy actually exists! Maybe Foenkino's Nathalie just made him up!

And when you than finally find the Babele guys (after having spend hundreds of euros on private detectives and
google specialists), they appear to be close! Unforgiveable! Even if Dan Franck would happen to be gay
and they would sell him, I'm not going back to these guys!

I’m sorry, dear readers, but this is going to be a very boring blogpost. Not my fault! Personally, I hold responsable: 1) the author of the guide book I have used to set up my Milano trail; 2) the gay community of Milan; 3) Dan Franck. The author of my guide book because first she makes me happy with the exciting title “go book-shopping-wild in a street full with the most amazing book shops” to describe afterwards bookshops that don’t exist (she even admits it! “Go to Via San Nicolao. In this street, I would have recommanded you to visit “La Stazione di Perpignan”, one of the most beautiful bookshops I have ever seen, but unfortunately they have closed” Du-uh!!!!). The gay community of Milan (or at least the owners of what is supposed to be the spectacular gay bookshop “Babele” because they move without telling anybody (not even me!) and dare to be closed on the day I finally trace them down after a lot of inquiries at the other side of town. And than there is Dan Franck who apparently writes well enough to become part of the 3 favorite books of David Foenkinos heroine Nathalie in “La Délicatesse” but than appears not to write well enough to have anyone in Milan even have heard of him! Not even in the long street filled with bookshops of my deceptive guide book writer! I’m sorry, dear readers, but my “becoming-a-Milanese” experience has known better days. To those of you who are in love with movie and theater, I can still indicate the address of a small bookshop specialized in this subject but that’s really all I have to say today. I’m now dropping the whole bookshop-stage thing to engage in a fierce battle against my very, very bad mood by going and having myself a colourful spritz! Those of you who want to participate in the “cheer-up-Nathalie” project and happen to have a copy of Dan Franck’s “La Séparation” would be very kind to send it to me. If Foenkinos is right and all Nathalies share a certain number of characteristics, I should enjoy it. Thanks in advance.

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