donderdag 3 mei 2012

12. One year without migraine for only 6 (or 10) euro!

The marvelous tomb of Peter Martyr... Nice, but unfortunately for Peter a bit too short...
 Migraine sufferers from all over the world, attention please! I have an announcement to make! Since last Sunday I am completely liberated from any form of head-breaking pains and if everything goes as planned, I will continue to be in this divine state of being until April the 29th 2013! That’s when I will go back to the location of my 12th Milano task to get myself cured again for a whole new year. I suppose you all want to know where this spectacular healing method is being practiced? I’ll tell you! At the church of Sant’Eustorgio! At Sant’Eustorgio one cannot only admire a couple of bones of the three biblical magi (you know, the ones who found baby Jesus after having followed a star) but also a special chapel dedicated to Peter Martyr.

Do you see the axe in Peter's
head? One would get a headache
for lesser reason!
This good man got killed by the Cathars who smashed his head with an axe which was still nothing if you think that later on somebody decided to go even further and simply cut the poor man’s head of. Even if it agree on the fact that this doesn’t seem like a very kind gesture, I testify that this last guy only had good intentions. Giovanni Visconti had a great admiration for Peter and therefore asked the famous artist Balduccio to build the most exquisite tomb to honor the martyr. Balduccio’s tomb turned out exquisite indeed with the most marvelous decorations and statues one has ever seen. It had only one little problem. It was too short! This meant that something had to stick out of it.  Either poor Peter’s feet or his smashed head! Since you can’t consider a tomb very elegant with body parts sticking out of it (with the risk of people stumbling over them!), Visconti decided to cut Peters head of and take it home in a nice and beautiful vase.
Warning! Only use clean handkerchiefs!
If you use a dirty one like this lady did,
you will get two heads instead of one and
you will suffer from a double migraine!
Apparently this was not to the liking of the decapitated victim because from that moment Visconti started suffering from the most terrible migraines. Those migraines only stopped after he decided to put the head back with the other parts of its owner. That’s how Peter Martyr became known as the patron saint of all migraine sufferers. Every year on the 29th of April, Peter is celebrated and this is the right moment to pay 6 euro to visit his chapel and to rub over his tomb with a (clean!) handkerchief. For the rest of the year, you keep that handkerchief with you and you can safely throw all your neurofen away.

One last advice! If you think that 6 euro is a bit expensive to visit one little chapel (I have to admit that the tomb is quite spectacular, but still...), remember not to take any pictures. Not that it’s forbidden to take them, but you will be asked to pay 4 more euros at the end of your visit. The tomb is full with surveillance cameras and there is nothing which makes the lady sitting at the entrance more happy than the fact of being able to catch illegal photographers (you will be treated as such even if you were willing to pay anyways). So if you don’t want to spend too much money on your headaches, you better watch out. Unless you are writing a blog like me and have to entertain your readers with some visual proof of your activities. In that case 10 euro for a picture and a blessed handkerchief is a real bargain!

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