vrijdag 20 april 2012

9. Who murdered the chair at the Salone del Mobile???

How killed this poor, innocent chair?

Some creepy designers at the Salone. I wouldn't look too far for the Chair-Killer!

Or do we have to look for a veiled suspect?
This week Milan organizes the Salone del Mobile. This means that the city turns into the biggest design center in the world and welcomes a colourful, international crowd of visitors. According to my guide book, I won’t be able to call myself a Milanese without having plunged into the excentric party event. So there I jump on a tram in direction of the Tortona district where one can find the beating heart of the Fuorisalone. Yes, indeed, the FUORIsalone (which means the outside fair) because that’s where the nicest events are happening. So not in the normal Salone (or the inside fair if you want) which has an expensive entrance ticket and addresses itself more to professional visitors, but everywhere else in Milan (especially at Tortona and Brera). Since this is my first time, I don’t really know what to expect but everyone around me is in a state of utter excitement, so I suppose this stuff will be good. And so it is! For those of you who like an evening full of surprises, this week Milan is the place to be!

Read and look at all the strange things I found on my way in only a couple of hours: a round matryoshka from the south of Italy who has decided to conquer the world dressed as a table lamp; a cook who is stirring a giant pot of polenta in the middle of the street; artist Flavio Lucchini exposing a number of works of art which represent a mixture of fashion and burkas and make you think about the power of clothing; a room full of people getting “rained” by big, dry drops of water; green aliens which roll playfully over a wooden kitchen in the form of a Swiss mountain knife; a poor chair who has committed suicide for some obscure reason (or was it murder?) and last but not least, the most distasteful knife holder I have ever seen in my life (it won’t become LESS feng shui than this, believe me).

So do I think that the Salone del Mobile is worth the price of the airplane ticket? Yes, I certainly do. But if you want to come and participate in the design madness yourself, you better start organizing now. Because a lot of hotels are fully booked already one year before the next Salone. Of course, people with a backpack are always welcome to rent my bath tub!

I interviewed the round matryoshka but she had an alibi.

The green aliens didn't speak Dutch, French, English or Italian. So they're still on my list of suspects.

Just like the Polenta cook who left his Polenta pot for half an hour around the time of the murder...

Crazy people enjoying fake rain when there is plenty of real stuff outside, should also be put on the list...

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  1. Oh my God Nathalie! You're hilarious. I also think that knife-holder is pretty awful, I think I've seen it before. Sounds like a fun event anyway.


  2. Hi Jenny!!!

    Maybe you have seen it in a movie with Jim Carey. They were trying to make people believe this thing is very classy by showing it had been used in a kitchen in a movie he played in. Publicity strategy as awful as the hideous thing itself! But I don't mind. Gives me stuff to write about! Hope you and the little one are doing fine in Oslo.

    Big hug!

  3. I'm late in reading this. Did they ever figure out who did it?

    I'm with you two on the knife holder. The only way it could be worse would be if when you put in a knife to be held, red fluid dripped out...you know, to be more realistic...and perhaps it could scream...

  4. Doug, please don't give the horrible man even more horrible ideas! I think he is horrible enough already!