dinsdag 10 april 2012

6. Fritters with a bodyguard!

Panzerotti-lovers lining up in front of Luini's...
Countless people standing patiently (or not so patiently) in endless lines waiting for their turn... Bodyguards in dark suits walking in between the waiting crowd to check if everyone is behaving the way they should… Ladies with green shirts waving hysterically and screaming “no picture! no picture!” when I finally arrive where I wanted to and hand for my camera…  Is there anyone of you who knows where the sixth task on my Milanese to-do list has brought me today?

No, we are not in Via Monte Napoleone at Prada’s or Gucci’s or Yves Saint Laurent’s. I’m not in front of some marble temple with ancient and unique pieces of art either. I’m just standing in a dark, little street at 500 meters of the Duomo in front of a rather ordinary looking snack bar. The place doesn’t seem to offer anything special and if it weren’t for all these people trooping together, you wouldn’t even notice the place was there. I’m standing in front of Luini’s. Luini’s sells a kind of warm, crescent-shaped bun known by every Milanese even if the bun doesn’t have anything to do with Milan.

I’m talking about the panzerotto. A typical snack from the south of Italy which came all along with Giuseppina Luini in 1949 to the cooler north. If you haven’t got the faintest idea of what I’m talking about, just picture a small, double folded fried pizza made out of fritter dough. Sounds kind of greasy, doesn’t it? That’s because it actually is greasy. But despite my love of light food and the bad mood I’m in (these nasty bodyguards and unfriendly sales ladies really got on my nerves), I have to admit that this panzerotto tastes like more. And despite of all my good (that means boycotting) intentions, I feel like going back to the hostile battle field again already to buy me a second one! But this time I want my picture! They can yell at me, threaten me, they can even send their bodyguards to beat me up, but this girl isn’t going anywhere without her picture! After all, I also have a shop to defend! Even if it’s only a blog and even if I’m kind of not selling anything…

I did it! I have my picture. Now it's time to run as the lady is pushing the alarm button
under the counter already and her colleague in the back is pointing me out to the bodyguards!

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