dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Day 8: Sustainable gastronomy: the nicest homework ever!

Barny Haughton telling us his story. The H.R.H. in the second chapter is referring to Prince Charles for whom he catered.
I promised some people that every once in a week, I would write something in English on my blog. And today would actually be the ideal day to start. That's because this evening I will not be having a lot of time to work on the blog because Mister Haughton, who is our "Sustainable Gastronomy"-professor, gave us two types of homework for tomorrow. The first one is to write a text of about 400 words about our personal relationship with food. The second one is most probably the nicest homework I ever had to do in my entire life. That means: preparing a dish that means something to you and bring it to class tomorrow. I've decided to go for a dish that takes quite some preparations: Melanzane alla parmiggiana. Anyone who would be interested in knowing why can read my first homework. I'm off for shopping now! Hope there will be any eggplants left!

About my personal relationship with food…
When you ask me about how I see my relation with food and eating, the first thing that pops up in my mind are people. Not that I don’t mind about the taste of my food - I definitely do - but I think that even the taste of food is strongly related to the people you’re eating with. When I think of the amazing bistecca alla fiorentina I ate with my boyfriend two years ago on a sunny terrace of this most lovely little restaurant on some Tuscan hill, I can assure you that its taste was absolutely fabulous and that it will forever be in my top ten of most wonderful food memories. However, I can also assure you that you really wouldn’t do me a favor offering me the same piece of meat if I would have to eat it alone on that very same location. For me eating is sharing. Eating is communicating. Eating is giving and taking. Food gives people the possibility to bond. Like when a person you don’t know well is offering you something to eat and you really don’t feel like it but you just accept it because you don’t want to ruin his friendly gesture. Because you really wouldn’t want him or her to think that you didn’t appreciate his friendliness and willingness to share something with you. Food talks and it is able to say things you don’t want to say or don’t want to say again and again. Writing this I’m thinking about the melanzane alla parmiggiana I like preparing for my boyfriend when he comes back from a business trip or from a day at work. The melanzane are his favorite dish and when I decide to cook them for him, it is not only because I know he likes the taste. It is also because I know that these melanzane are special to him. That for him, the smell of these simple vegetables, oregano, and mozzarella means home, cosiness and happiness. And that’s what I want to offer him when he gets back home tired. A warm welcome without too many tiring words. Just melanzane alla parmiggiana.

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  1. Héérlijk schrijfseltje Nathalie! Ik krijg spontaan zin in melanzane alla parmiggiana al heb ik er nog nooit van gehoord. ^^

  2. Dan zal ik ervoor zorgen dat je ze heel binnenkort zelf kan maken! Fotograaf/kok Stevens heeft hard gewerkt vanavond. Morgen zie je het resultaat. Beloofd!

  3. Mooi stuk geschreven Nathalie. Ik kan niet wachten tot je dit recept met ons deelt!

  4. Liefste tante, je zal niet lang moeten wachten. Ik begin er meteen aan!

  5. ah.... vanavond had ik een fantastisch avondeten... na een druk zaken-dag... de recept was perfect, zoals mijn mama doet. Alleen een opmerking: "parmigiana" is met één "g" geschreven!